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Why are talented steel erectors so sought-after right now? And how do you find them?

When it comes to construction sites, steel erectors are essentials to ensure a correct installation.

As well as being recruitment experts in construction, infrastructure and engineering, at Bila Group we maintain a broad talent pool of highly-skilled steel erectors. If you are an MD in Structural Steel, Bila is ready to start on your project and find the perfect match for you.

In this article, we will go through the reasons why talented steel erectors are so desired right now – and why Bila are the people who can help you find them.

Our expertise

With over 18 years' industry experience, Managing Director, David O’Connell set up Bila Group to match skilled construction professionals with companies that need the strongest talent in order to grow. Over the years he has built a huge network of building and construction professionals, helping them to find the perfect role where they can succeed and make a difference.

Why are steel erectors in demand?

Despite a temporary halt during the first Coronavirus lockdown, the UK construction industry is growing fast. Construction is expected to be one of the sectors that power the economic recovery.

A report published in September 2020 by Research and Markets forecasts the construction industry to grow by 8.5% between 2020 and 2024, to reach a value of £236.8 billion. The bulk of this growth will come from the commercial sector, as well as infrastructure powered by public spending. ‘Build’ is a buzzword for the current Government, and they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

When it comes to new construction sites, steel is literally the framework for growth in construction. Therefore, skilled steel erectors are necessary to make sure it is installed correctly.

How can we help?

Whatever tasks you need your steel erectors to perform to make your project a success, thanks to our efficient recruitment process, Bila can provide the best people, quickly and easily. We can provide experts in the following areas:

  • Structural steel experts – building the primary frame
  • Secondary steel erectors
  • Safety experts
  • Ornamental installers

As we invest time in our candidates and get to know who they are, we know exactly who the right people are and can react quickly as soon as you need them. Our talent pool is ready to start on your project as soon as you need them. We could even place an entire team for you tomorrow!

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