Driving projects and careers

Large scale infrastructure projects are critical for powering our economy. With increasing spending on such projects, we're committed to helping support those working in the industry to deliver to the highest standards in the right amount of time.

David O'Connell

Managing Director

Sector specifics

With so many transformational projects in process and being planned, infrastructure is becoming an increasingly interesting and exciting sector to work in. This is reflected by the government’s commitment to invest over £100 billion by 2020-21, alongside significant ongoing private sector investment in our infrastructure.

We source for a range of infrastructure roles, including commercial managers, cost engineers, design managers, project managers and directors, quantity surveyors, and planners. Collectively we have appointed senior professionals to lead works on some of the UK’s biggest infrastructure projects e.g. HS2, Crossrail, TfL, Battersea, Hinkley Point, and more. 

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